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  • Rock Hill Schools will have a bond referendum on May 5, 2015, to seek approval of a five-year facility improvement plan that will transform our school facilities in the areas of safety and energy efficiency; building renovations; repairs and replacements; buses and grounds; new construction and technology upgrades.The referendum is in the amount of $110 million, but there will be NO TAX INCREASE for taxpayers. Information on the referendum and how schools will benefit can be found at More

Phoenix Academy

Do you want to graduate early? Are you in need of one or two classes so you can graduate with your class? Think about the Phoenix Academy. At Phoenix, you can take those classes and get caught up or ahead of the game. If you are motivated and knowledgeable about working on computers, then Phoenix may be for you. It is a self-paced flexible learning environment. You are responsible for your success--you come to class, do the work on the computer, and your teachers are in class to help as needed. If you do some work at home on your own time, you will complete courses even sooner! Take a look around our website to learn about us.

Please go to the Contact page, send us your information, and someone will contact you about our program.

Students interested in applying for acceptance to the Phoenix Academy should make an appointment with their counselor at their home high school.